• Apple

    We have always used Apple computers, which enable us to work more efficiently and to present our work to clients in a professional way.

  • Adobe

    We only use original Adobe software, the most innovative tool to design pictures, lay out texts and create executive projects.

  • Magento ecommerce

    We design e-commerce solutions on the Magento platform, which guarantees flexibility, high functionality and performances to clients investing in the web.

  • Fotografia

    We love and use photography, that we view as the best interaction tool in the language of advertising communication.

  • CSS

    We use the latest and most reliable technology for web programming, with CSS style sheets that guarantee functional, accessible websites.

  • Google

    We love Google with all its products and services such as AdWords, AdSense, Analytics, Gmail, etc., which guarantee high performance to our work on the web.

  • Skype

    We prefer to communicate via Skype, through which we can organise video conferences with our clients and collaborators to keep constantly in touch on the advancement of work.

  • Youtube

    We love You Tube because it enables millions of users to share videos, to be in touch, to stay informed and to inspire other users all over the world.

  • Wikipedia

    We love to learn about new words and topics using Wikipedia, because it's a free, collaborative, multilingual online encyclopaedia.

  • Wireless

    We welcome Mobile & Wireless technologies because they generate numerous opportunities for innovation and business for any company and public administration.

  • Natura

    Respect and love for the environment are fundamental in our daily lives. We only print if it's really necessary and sort our waste to recycle as much as possible.

  • Batterie ricaricabili

    Our batteries are always charged! We have always powered electronic devices with rechargeable batteries. This way, we save time and money and, most important, we don't pollute.

  • Libri

    We still like books and pencils. Even though they haven't written the digital alphabet, they remain the main partners of culture and information.

  • Musica

    Music is the soundtrack of our daily lives. When we're happy, we listen to music. When we're sad, we also listen to music.

  • CSS

    We read and write on Tripadvisor, the world's largest travellers' community, with over 60 million reviews and opinions, including our own.