SECTOR: Institutional event, Municipality of Sorrento, Department of Tourism.

CONCEPT: A versatile logo made of letters in three versions, bearing clear reference to season decorations. The mark recalls the format's identity as a container of events and various activities.

IDENTITY: A dynamic visual system, with five modern pictograms that can be understood by an international audience, identifies the five main themes of the festival: music, culture, Christmas, cinema and taste.

ADV: "Sorrento cambia stagione": [Sorrento changes season]: an effective claim for the new winter identity of the city.

WEB: www.millunimodinverno.it

TAG: logo - web portal - advertising campaign - icon system - calendar of events


M'Illumino D'Inverno  - 1 M'Illumino D'Inverno  - 2 M'Illumino D'Inverno  - 3 M'Illumino D'Inverno  - 4